CORONADO PAINT COMPANY guarantees customer satisfaction with all products that we manufacture when applied by Custom Concrete Coatings in accordance to label and data sheet instructions, Coronado Paint Company warrants to the building owner for a period of 10 years from date of completion of the application of the Coronado Paint material that the products are manufactured without defect. The products, when properly applied to a sound substrate following the specification and instructions provided by Coronado Paint, will not peel, flake or chip caused by defects in material for a period of 10 years when applied to concrete floors. This limited warranty does not include the cost of labor. This warranty gives the buyer specific legal rights, and they may also have other rights which vary from state to state. If, during the warranty period, any previously specified conditions occur, due to defects in the material, CPC will furnish replacement material to correct the situation.

Sincerely, Coronado Paint Company

Mark A. Mangan
Director of Technical Services

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